Prepare for your theory exam car

Before you can take your practical exam, you must pass your theory exam car first. You can already do so from the age of 16! On your theory exam you show that you recognize danger, know the traffic rules and have traffic insight. It is wise to start learning for your theory exam before you start driving lessons. This way you can immediately and safely hit the road!

The car theory exam consists of three parts:

  • Hazard perception. This part consists of 25 questions and is about recognizing danger and determining what to do. What do you do in a certain situation: brakes, throttle loose or nothing?
  • Knowledge. This part consists of 12 questions about general knowledge of traffic, in which you show that you can recognize and name facts or rules. Do you know the difference between a priority road and a road with a mandatory driving direction?
  • Insight. This part consists of 28 questions, in which you show that you can apply the rules and assess a traffic situation.

You are required to pass your theory before you can take a practical exam. We advise not to wait too long. You can schedule your day and time slot at the CBR.

Learning the theory is often underestimated, and the CBR itself does not issue teaching materials. SafeLes driving school offers three options to prepare you as well as possible for the theory exam:

1. Classroom Theory course

Our classroom theory course in Amsterdam is unique in the Netherlands and we are quite proud of it. Thanks to our personal teaching method, we can offer certainty of success. This way you no longer have to worry about your theory. In the unlikely event that you fail, you will receive the following theory course from us for free! In that case you only pay for the exam.

The theory course is given at a location in Amsterdam to a group of up to 15 students. In this way there is sufficient personal attention for each student. You don’t have to bring anything to the theory course, we provide the material. The theory course lasts two half-days. You do two evenings of course and on the next day you take your theory exam. This way, all the material is still fresh in your memory.

The classroom theory course now costs only € 159, ​​-

2. Online Theory Course

This is perhaps the easiest, fastest and most fun way to pass your theory exam. Avoid delays and get in that theory exam quickly! With our online theory course you learn more efficiently and therefore faster. The vast majority of students who follow the online theory course succeed in one go.

3. Car Theory Book

Would you rather learn the traditional way? With the Theory Package Deluxe – Completely Passed 2020 you are best prepared for the CBR Car Theory Exam. It is very important that your theory book is a recent release, because traffic rules can change. Learn easily with the Auto Theory Book and then repeat the lesson material with the Auto Theory Summary, practice exams with the Auto Exercise Book (12 practice exams) and access to the Online Exam Trainer (online theory course). For a good preparation for the exam, you will also receive the Information Booklet CBR Exam and the Traffic Sign Booklet for the Netherlands containing all traffic signs with explanations.

The Car Theory Book is the latest theory book available and complies with the most recent legislation. Each chapter concludes with a summary and a total of 110 practice questions. The Car Theory Summary 2020 makes it easy to absorb the knowledge. After this you can start practicing taking exams in the exercise book and online.