What happens during the practical driving exam?

The practical exam takes a total of 55 minutes and consists of the following steps:

1. Before the exam

You will meet the examiner for your practical exam at the CBR exam center. The examiner briefly explains how the exam will go and checks:

  • the invitation to your exam
  • your valid identity card or passport
  • whether you have passed your theory test
  • whether you have completed the self-reflection form; after the exam, the examiner discusses this form with you

Your instructor will be present at the start and end interview. In most cases your instructor can ride along during the practical exam, except for when a second CBR employee is driving along, for example an examiner in training.

2. At the parking lot

At the parking lot you do an eye test. You will be asked to read the license plate of a parked car about 25 meters away. In preparation for the ride, the examiner can ask you a few questions about the car. This can be about checking the engine fluid or the lights on the dashboard.

3. The Exam

The actual driving exam takes approximately 35 minutes. You partly drive independently to a specific destination, and partly following the instructions of the examiner. A main focus point is to observe whether you drive safely and independently. The actions are as learned during your driving lessons. The examiner also pays attention to, among other things, the control of the car, viewing behavior and giving right of way. This applies to all seven exam components below:

#1 – driving off 

#2 – straight and curvy road sections 

#3 – intersections 

#4 – insert and exit 

#5 – overtaking and changing lanes 

#6 – special road sections 

#7 – special operations 

4. The result of the practical exam

Did you pass the practical exam?

In that case you can apply for your driver’s license after the exam day at the city hall where you live.

Have you failed the practical exam?

The examiner will let you know what you will have to pay attention to, in order to pass your next practical exam. You can see this on the results form, together with your instructor. Start taking lessons again as soon as possible, to prepare for the re-exam. You can schedule your new exam 2 weeks after your last exam. This will be the same as the first exam.

If you have failed 4 times or more for your driving test within 5 years, you will have to do an adjusted exam.

Interrupted exam

The examiner can interrupt your driving test due to traffic-hazardous behavior. If this happens, you will be faced with a longer waiting time for your re-exam. You will be given 6 weeks in order to improve your driving skills.


source: cbr.nl

What is an interim test?

An interim test is a try-out exam, similar to the regular practical driving exam. It will take the same amount of time and you will be asked to do the same tasks like during a regular exam. This way you can get used to the exam situation and get tips from a CBR examiner, on what to work on during your remaining driving lessons. If you perform the special maneuvers well, you can even be exempted from these during your driving test!

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Extremely nervous for your practical driving test? A performance anxiety exam can help you

Do you suffer from performance anxiety during exams? Or are you too nervous to show what you can do during the car practice exam? You can request to take a Performance Anxiety test at the CBR. During this test, you will be joined by an examiner who is trained to guide people with performance anxiety, and who will take the time to put you at ease. During the ride, you will have the option to request a timeout at all times.

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BNOR exam

Have you failed 4 times? Then you will receive a BNOR exam

If you failed your driving test 4 times within 5 years, you will then take a BNOR exam. The examiner then has more time for you. And you will receive more personal guidance. We call the special exam “further examination of driving skills”. Your driving school will request this for you at the CBR.

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