Refresher driving lesson at driving school SafeLes in Amsterdam


Get back behind the wheel again in no time!

Are you in possession of a driver’s license, but have you not driven for a while? Do you feel insecure about your driving skills? Or do you just need a boost? You are in the right place! We can help you in a qualitative and professional way with our refresher driving lesson.

In no time cheerful and confident behind the wheel!

It is often the case that people who have not driven for a while, no longer feel very confident behind the wheel. This is not strange at all, but it is smart to do something about it. With our refresher driving lesson you will be happy and confident to drive independently again in no time. We noticed that 9 out of 10 people who register for the refresher driving lesson underestimate his or her knowledge and skills. This is a shame, because you never forget everything you have ever learned. We ensure that with this lesson you will quickly regain the necessary self-confidence.

What do we do during the refresher lesson?

The refresher driving lesson can be done entirely according to your wishes. We always take your pace into account and you can indicate which subjects you would like to deal with. Some examples:

  • Driving within built-up areas (actions such as approaching, crossing and turning at intersections or roundabouts, etc.)
  • Driving outside built-up areas (actions such as driving on 80 km of roads, motorways and motorways, changing lanes or entering and exiting)
  • Special operations (congestion parking, forward and reverse parking, or reversing)

Tell us your personal wishes and we will gladly prepare these lessons for you. We plan everything together and work on your driving skills and self-confidence, until you feel ready to drive independently.

Rather start today than tomorrow? Then sign up today! If you prefer to take a normal driving lesson, that is also possible.

Our refresher driving lesson costs €70 per lesson of 60 minutes.