Extremely nervous for your practical driving test? A performance anxiety exam can help you

Do you suffer from performance anxiety during exams? Or are you too nervous to show what you can do during the car practice exam? You can request to take a Performance Anxiety test at the CBR. During this test, you will be joined by an examiner who is trained to guide people with performance anxiety, and who will take the time to put you at ease. During the ride, you will have the option to request a timeout at all times.

How to request a Performance Anxiety test

You can do this via your driving school. They will book the performance anxiety test for you at the CBR. You must have passed your theory test first. 

What to expect?

In this video (Dutch) you can see how the performance anxiety test goes. Below, you can read through the steps.

You have a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes for the exam. 35 minutes will be used for the driving. The remaining time is for a time-out and to ensure as much rest as possible. Of course, you have to be able to do exactly the same as people who take the normal driving test. This test proceeds in the same order as the regular driving test, which would take 55 minutes in total.

How are the driving lessons?

During your driving lessons we give the necessary tips and prepare you for the performance anxiety test. The lessons are arranged in such a way that you experience no difference with the exam and the examiner course of action. We can also adjust the intensity of the driving lessons to your wishes.

If you need extra time or explanation when dealing with certain parts of the driving lessons, the instructor will take the time for you. At the end of each lesson you discuss how it went and whether the approach meets your wishes. Do you still want to go for a regular exam? Then that is of course possible!

source: CBR.nl


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