Learn to drive in a relaxed way? Take automatic car driving lessons in Amsterdam!

The car of the future

We offer automatic driving lessons in Amsterdam, since automated driving is becoming increasingly popular and the number of automatic cars is expected to increase in the coming years. The Dutch government has expressed their ambition to no longer allow vehicles with gasoline and diesel in various cities in the Netherlands, within a few years. For Amsterdam, this means that petrol or diesel cars will no longer be allowed from 2030. Electric cars are the smartest alternative in this case, as they are all automatic cars. It is very likely that we will all drive automatic cars within a few years.

Would you still prefer taking driving lessons with a manual car? That is not a problem at all.

What is the difference between an automatic car and a manual car?

With a manual car, you are responsible for shifting gears using the clutch and gas pedals. An automatic car, as the name suggests, automatically shifts gears. You only have a gas and brake pedal and therefore do not have to operate a clutch or gear lever. This gives you more time to focus on the road, other road users, traffic rules and traffic signs. Students who take driving lessons with an automatic car need on average 10 lessons less compared to students who take driving lessons in a manual car.

Will I receive a different driver’s license if I take automatic driving lessons?

You indeed get a different driver’s license when you take the exam in an automatic car. Do you still want to switch over to a manual car? Then you will have to take the exam again in a manual car. For this you take a few driving lessons with a manual car, where we mainly focus on shifting the gear.

Just like driving lessons with a manual car, we give our lessons with an automatic car in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.


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