Welcome to Driving School SafeLes!

We are a dynamic driving school that is growing rapidly. By combining high-quality lessons with low prices, you are assured to get your driving license as quickly as possible.

5 reasons to take driving lessons with us

1. Our customer service is here for you

Our excellent customer service agents are ready for all of your questions, during working hours. Are you delayed, do you wish to schedule new lessons, or do you have any questions about your theory or practical exam? Just give us a call or send us an email. This is a unique service offered among driving schools, in which we take great pride.

2. We adapt to your schedule

SafeLes driving school tries to adapt to your lifestyle as much as possible. Do you have a full-time job? You can take driving lessons in the evenings or on Saturdays, and since recently also on Sundays! Are you a student? Also then we will take your schedule into account and we will certainly not be at your doorstep at 8 o’clock in the morning.

We are also flexible regarding pick-up and drop-off locations. Naturally, we drive as much as possible in the exam area, but we always ensure that you are picked up and dropped off at home or at another place that suits you.

3. Find your personal instructor m/f

During your trial lesson, we connect you to your very own personal instructor. This way, you get to know the instructor well and form a bond of trust. Your driving instructor guides you to the practical exam in a patient and efficient way. Everything is explained clearly and professionally, while there is also room for pleasant conversations. This makes your driving lessons effective and fun! SafeLes is a large driving school, so you will always find your perfect match in our pool of driving instructors. Do you prefer taking lessons with a female instructor? We’ll just arrange this for you. In no time, you will be more than ready for your driving lessons in Amsterdam!

4. Reliable and efficient car driving lessons in Amsterdam

Just like you, we do not want you to spend an unnecessarily long time on obtaining your driving license. That is why we organize our lessons as efficiently as possible and why you receive homework with every lesson. After all, you want to get your driver’s license quickly. You can study the topics of the following driving lesson at home using your practical manual. This ensures that you understand the practice faster and that your driving lessons become more efficient. By starting well prepared, we save tens of minutes of each lesson.

5. Five star rating

Over 5000 students already passed their driving exam with us and have given us a 5 star rating. Read their reviews on Google, or plan a trial lesson to experience it yourself!

Frequently asked questions

I registered via the website. When will SafeLes contact me?

After you have registered, we will call you the same day. If you register on Saturday or Sunday, we will call you on Monday. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send you an email or a text message.

How many driving lessons do I need on average as a beginner?

The number of driving lessons required differs per person. As a beginner you will need an average of 39 lessons. You don’t want to spend an unnecessarily long time getting your driver’s license. That is why at SafeLes Driving School we keep track of your progress and points for improvement on your personal lesson card. In this way you have insight at a glance into your strengths, but also into the points that deserve extra attention. Based on your practice book and the personal tips of your instructor, you can already study the topics of the following driving lesson at home. This ensures that you understand the practice faster and that your driving lessons become more efficient. By starting prepared, you save tens of minutes during your driving lesson!

How do I schedule new driving lessons?

This can be done by telephone or e-mail. At SafeLes you can count on our customer service who is available for you during office hours. We always advise to schedule lessons for the coming weeks. This way you can be sure that there is enough space.

Is it possible to take lessons in the evenings and weekends?

You can take driving lessons 7 days a week, from 08:00 to 20:00. This way you can enjoy flexible lessons, because there is always a place and time that suits you. Our instructors have different work schedules. In this way you have the certainty that during the intake we can match you with the instructor that suits you best.

Can I take lessons for several hours and days in a row?
Where can I be picked up?
What can I expect of the practical exam?

The exam takes place at the CBR, Naritaweg 150 in Amsterdam. We make an appointment for this at the CBR in Eindhoven. During the ride, an examiner will sit next to the student to assess driving skills. The instructor is allowed to ride with you, but we are no longer allowed to give you instructions during the exam. More info.

Why would I do an Interim Test?

With the help of an intermediate test you get used to driving with an examiner next to you. This way you will be less nervous while driving yourself. You will also receive feedback, which increases the chance of success while driving. Finally, you can also get exemption from special actions during the exam by performing them properly during the interim test. And to reward your efforts, we give you a free re-exam for some promotions if you take a TTT. More info.

In what car will I take my lessons and practical exam?

Our driving lessons and exams are always given in the latest model car. Safe, professional and above all very comfortable to drive.

Do I always have the same instructor during my driving lessons?

At SafeLes driving school you always have your own, fixed instructor. We do this so that you get to know each other well and a relationship of trust arises. Your driving instructor guides you in a patient, careful and focused manner to the practical exam, paying attention to your personal learning points. Everything is explained clearly and expertly and there is also room for pleasant conversations. This makes your driving lesson effective and fun! It is also possible to take driving lessons in another language.

Do I have the option to take driving lessons with a female driving instructor?

We understand if you prefer a female instructor. No problem, just let us know.

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