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Getting your driver’s licence in Amsterdam

When can you apply for a Dutch Driving Licence?
  • You need to be registered at the Municipal Authority as a proof of residence or have a residence permit
  • If you are an EU citizen, you don’t need a visa and/or residence permit and you can sign up for driving lessons

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or doubts.

How to prepare for your theory exam?

On your theory exam you will have to show that you recognize dangerous situations on the road, know the traffic rules and have traffic insight. It is advised to start learning for your theory exam before you start your driving lessons. This way you hit the road well prepared and safe time during your practical lessons.

Studying for the theory exam takes time and focus. The exam is often underestimated, and the CBR itself does not issue teaching materials. SafeLes driving school offers different options to prepare you as well as possible for the theory exam. You can schedule your day and time slot at the CBR. We can also help you plan your theory lessons.

How to prepare for your practical exam?

The practical driving exam takes approximately 35 minutes. You drive independently, following the instructions of the examiner. The examiner will observe whether you drive safely and confident. The actions are as learned during your driving lessons. The examiner also pays attention to, among other things, the control of the car, viewing behavior and giving right of way. 

How many lessons will you need?

On average, beginning drivers without experience will need 39 lessons. We have noticed that people with experience usually need at least 10 lessons before taking the exam. You spend most of your driving training on safely participating in traffic according to the Dutch regulations. For people who have driving experience abroad, this might still be a challenge because the traffic is regulated differently.

Ultimately, you decide how many lessons you take. Our advice is to take a trial lesson to determine together with the instructor how many driving lessons you need.

Can you schedule your lessons in evenings and weekends?

Yes, we adapt to your schedule. SafeLes driving school tries to adapt to your lifestyle as much as possible. We are also flexible regarding pick-up and drop-off locations. Naturally, we drive as much as possible in the exam area, but we always ensure that you are picked up and dropped off at home or at another place that suits you. You can reach our customer service during office hours, to plan new lessons.

Most chosen packages


For beginners

        20 Driving lessons
        Practical exam
        NL online theory course
        Pay in 2 installments



For beginners

        15 Driving lessons
        AVB + AVD Exams
        NL online theory course
        Pay in 2 installments



For experienced learners

        4 Driving lessons
        Practical exam
        NL online theory course
        As soon as possible!


Trailer (BE)

Trial lesson advised!

        6 Driving lessons
        Practical exam
        Day course
        Ready quickly!


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