What is an interim test?

An interim test is a try-out exam, similar to the regular practical driving exam. It will take the same amount of time and you will be asked to do the same tasks like during a regular exam. This way you can get used to the exam situation and get tips from a CBR examiner, on what to work on during your remaining driving lessons. If you perform the special maneuvers well, you can even be exempted from these during your driving test!

How to request an interim test at the CBR

You can request an interim test through your driving school. They will reserve the test for you at the CBR. For this try-out test you must be at least 16.5 years old and have passed your theory exam.

What to bring to the interim test?

  • The official invitation to your interim test
  • Your proof of valid identity. You cannot take a test without this document
  • The ‘self-evaluation’ form. Fill it in in advance. After the test drive you discuss this self-reflection form with your examiner
  • Form self-evaluation practical driving test car

How does an interim test work?

In the video below you can see how the interim test works. Under the video you can read the steps again briefly.

Just like the driving test, the try-out takes 55 minutes in total. It consists of the following components:


1. Before the exam

You will meet the examiner at the CBR. He will explain how your test works and checks:

  • the invitation to your exam
  • your proof of identity
  • whether you have passed your theory test
  • whether you have completed the self-reflection form; after the test drive, the examiner will discuss this form with you

Usually your instructor drives along during the test.

2. At the parking lot

At the parking lot you do an eye test. You read the license plate of a parked car about 25 meters away. In preparation for the ride, the examiner can ask you a few questions about the car. For example, about checking the engine fluid or the lights on the dashboard.

3. The test drive

The test drive takes approximately 35 minutes. You partly drive independently to a specific destination. For the other part you drive on directions from the examiner. The main focus will be on whether you drive safely and independently. The examiner also pays attention to:

  • control of the car
  • viewing behavior
  • give priority
  • to catch up
  • inserting and exiting
  • driving at intersections and roundabouts
  • special operations

4. Personal advice

Directly after the test drive, the examiner will advise you on what you should still focus on during your last driving lessons. He will also let you know whether you have carried out the special maneuvers well. If you have done the special maneuvers well during the interim test, you will receive an exemption. This means that the examiner will no longer test you for this in your next practical exam. That is a bonus!

Source: cbr.nl


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