Take car driving lessons at driving school SafeLes in Amsterdam to get your driving license soon!

You might be tired of public transportation, need a car for business, or you just want to drive for pleasure. The ability to drive is an incredibly useful skill to have. Taking car driving lessons in Amsterdam with SafeLes is the way to go!

At SafeLes we understand that many people have difficulty making ends meet, and driving lessons in Amsterdam are a big expense. That is why we use fixed low prices on your driving lessons. We offer a driving lesson with a manual car from € 29.99 per hour! In addition, with the Comfort package you will get a free re-exam when you purchase a TTT (interim test). Would you prefer automatic driving lessons? Of course that is not a problem at all.

What to expect when taking driving lessons in Amsterdam with SafeLes:

1. Find your personal instructor with your driving lessons in Amsterdam

At driving school SafeLes you will have your own personal instructor at any time. This way, you get to know the instructor well and form a bond of trust. Your driving instructor guides you to the practical exam in a patient, neat and focused way. Everything is explained clearly and professionally and there is also room for pleasant conversations. This makes your driving lessons effective and fun! SafeLes is a large driving school, so you will always find your perfect match in our pool of driving instructors. You will be more than ready for your car driving lessons in Amsterdam!

2. Reliable and efficient driving lessons in Amsterdam

Just like you, we do not want you to spend an unnecessarily long time on obtaining your driving license. That is why we organize our lessons as efficiently as possible and why you receive homework with every lesson. After all, you want to get your driver’s license quickly. You can study the topics of the following driving lesson at home using your practical manual. This ensures that you understand the practice faster and that your driving lessons become more efficient. By starting well prepared, we save tens of minutes during your driving lesson.

3. Track your progress with the online lesson card

Your progress and subjects to improve are registered every lesson on your personal lesson card. This ensures you have insight into your strengths immediately, but also into the subjects that deserve extra attention.

4. 5% fewer lessons needed due to the use of the latest technology

We also use technological tools during driving lessons, such as instruction software in which animation images are shown. This makes your imaging a lot more complete. From experience we can say that thanks to these tools, students need on average 5% fewer driving lessons. This means that you can save hundreds of euros on your driving lessons. Sounds good?

In addition, we advise you to pass your theory exam as soon as possible, so you have the knowledge needed for your driving practice. This also shortens the duration of your driving course.

5. Latest lesson car models

Our driving lessons will always take place in the latest model of lesson cars. Safe, professional, and comfortable.

6. Flexible times and locations

SafeLes driving school tries to adapt to your lifestyle as much as possible. Do you have a full-time job? You can take driving lessons in the evenings or on Saturdays, and since recently also on Sundays! Are you a student? Also then we will take your schedule into account and we will certainly not be at your doorstep at 8 o’clock in the morning.

We are also flexible regarding pick up locations. Of course, we drive as much as possible in the exam area, but we always ensure that you are picked up and dropped off at home or at another place that suits you.

7. The option of taking driving lessons with a female driving instructor

Some women are uncomfortable with a male driving instructor. This can prevent them from learning to drive relaxed. No problem, we’ll just arrange a female instructor for you.


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