One day classical theory course

No time to study for your theory? Or did you already fail the exam?

We are one of the only theory course locations that provide English courses for car theory exams. You can join our one day theory course which will include a full day of theory practice.

In this course you will learn all you need to know for the CBR theory exam. You can also book the exam using our website as well as the theory course.

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Theoretical online training package for Car, Motorcycle and Moped

No theory book needed! The online training is cheaper and easier!

The online theory training, which SafeLes offers is clear and structured: it will help you to succeed your theory test. Traffic training package contains:
- An instruction book;
- Various theory tests;
- Animated instruction films about specific traffic situations
The driving course includes an instruction book, which is structured by chapter, test and theory examination.
As well, you can see films to train you anticipating in difficult traffic situations.
This training elaborates traffic knowledge for Car, Moped and Motorcycle. Every now and then there will be changes in traffic rules, this will be automatically corrected in the Theory and Test system.
You can buy here the online training, please take a look at our webshop.
Looking for a professional theory book?

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