Refresher driving course

Has it been a while since you last drove a car even if you have your license? Or are you still a bit unsureabout certain aspects of driving?

Think about this refresher course! The instructor will assist you to your individual needs.
Dependent on your needs we will practice aspects of driving like speed awareness; parking; traffic signs, roundabouts etc. For example:
  • How to safely drive around crowded urban streets? (By recalling the steps to drive carefully the complex crossings) 
  • How to safely drive on highway? (By recalling steps on entering and exiting the highway) 
  • How to perform special manoeuvres? (Like parking, turning around or a stop)

The price of a refresher course is;

€38,- per 60 min. automatic gear

€42,50 per 60 min. manual gear.


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