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Best quality and low price guarantee at driving school SafeLes Amsterdam

Our low price guarantee ensures you get the best price possible for the driving course. If you find cheaper package deals somewhere else, we will make the same price!
Driving School SafeLes Amsterdam offers you a range of promotions. Also you will get a lot of benefits through our Volkswagen Driver’s License Acknowledgement!
- We offer deals from € 29,95 per lesson! (only for lessons with manual car! for lessons with automatic car click here)
- We offer best package deals, would you like to know more?
Our package deals are:
10 LESSONS + EXAM for € 589,-
15 LESSONS + EXAM for € 749,-
20 LESSONS + EXAM For € 889,-
Please compare the deals with other schools:
By offering top quality, you can count on:
- You will get one steady instructor, who is experienced and professional
- You will learn as fast as we can teach, but stress free
- You will get ready for passing the exam and we will help you the best we can Driving School SafeLes is an acknowledged Volkswagen Driver’s License School.
Volkswagen Driver’s License offers you a unique platform where you can enjoy benefits from, like:
- Every month you can win 10 FREE LESSONS, worth €450,-
- Free access to theory exams!
- Free Safety Course after passing your exam!
- Unique offers for car deals! - Free Volkswagen Scan at your first car! To make it easier for you, we will also help you to earn back the investment in your driving license!
How we do that? We have deals with restaurants and even car companies. You can pass on a SafeLes discount CODE or coupon and in return you get great deals! As well, we have a BONUS arrangement!
As (former) student driver, this means you will get a bonus of €20 or one free lesson, - by recommending Safeles to new students. The new student will even get one free lesson. So, either way big smiles!
Are you still not convinced or still looking for a great driving school in Amsterdam?
Than, please sign up HERE for a trial lesson or call 020 - 81 00 927! And experience our 100% reliable way.
With trust and comfort we will let you succeed!
By the way, the trial lesson will be FREE at a package deal and is only for new students!

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All deals are related to the general terms and conditions of SafeLes. Promotions or discounts cannot be combined.

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