Driving lessons in automatic car

Choosing an automatic car makes driving easier.

Driving without using accelerator, you don’t have to worry about the clutch. Only brake and gas is what you need. That means more time to watch the traffic and drive safely. 
If you apply for a driver’s license in an automatic car, then you can not use this type of driver’s license for a manual car.
Do you want to drive in a manual car later on? Then you will have to do another exam in a manual car.
Our package deals are:

Individual Lesson (1 hour) €48,-
20 Drivings Lessons & Practical Exam For € 1120,-
30 Drivings Lessons & Practical Exam For €1699,-

Do you want to be comfortable and take your time to improve your driving skills?
Take a comfort package to boost your confidence!

Comfort package price € 2049,-
40 Driving Lessons + Practical Exam + free trial lesson

Payment can be done in installments. 
By offering top quality, you can count on: 
- You will get one steady instructor, who is experienced and professional
- You will learn as fast as we can teach, but stress free
As (former) student driver you can get a bonus of 30 minutes extra lesson, - by recommending SafeLes to new students.
The new student will also get a bonus of 30 minutes. So, either way big smiles!
Are you still not convinced or still looking for a great driving school in Amsterdam? 
Then, please sign up HERE for a trial lesson or call 020-7860778! And experience our 100% reliable service!
With trust and comfort we will let you succeed!
By the way, the trial lesson will be FREE at a comfort package deal and is only for new students!

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