Use DigiD to authorize SafeLes

In order to make reservations for your practical exam on your behalf, you need to give your authorization to your driving school. Without that we cannot book your exam.

How you can give SafeLes the desired authorization:
  1. Do you have a DigiD? DigiD is your personal digital identification code to get access to government websites. If not, than you need to apply for your DigiD. Your DigiD is available within 5 days, to use your code you need to activate your DigiD first. See for more information:
  2. With a DigiD you can log in on, click on the DigiD logo on the website.
  3. On the upper right corner you can change the language into English.
  4. You have to fill in the code of your Driving School (1150Z4) in order to authorize your driving school to act on your behalf. Please check if the code of the Driving School is the same as the name of your Driving School.
  5. You and your Driving School immediately receive an e-mail confirming your authorization of your driving school and when your driving school has booked a practical exam for you.

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