Refresher driving course

Has it been a while since you last drove a car even if you have your license? Or are you still a bit unsure about certain aspects of driving?

Think about this refresher course! The instructor will assist you with your individual needs.
Depending on your needs we will practice aspects of driving like speed awareness; parking; traffic signs, roundabouts etc. For example:
  • How to safely drive around crowded urban streets? (By recalling the steps to drive carefully the complex crossings) 
  • How to safely drive on highway? (By recalling steps on entering and exiting the highway) 
  • How to perform special manoeuvres? (Like parking, turning around or a stop)

The price for the refresher course is;

€45,- per 60 minutes


The way we work

Are you searching for a certified driving school which presents quality and is also cheap?

1st, Driving School SafeLes guarantees you the cheapest price for your driving package deal in Amsterdam, Leiden and Beverwijk!
2nd, one driving lesson means 60 minutes and not 50 minutes!
3rd, structured program and professional instructors is what we carry out!
We have some suggestions that will help you select the right driving school for you: 
  • Is the Driving School certified? 
  • Are there any hidden charges: are you f.e. obliged to pay the entry fee; are you obliged to pay for services which you don’t want to take? Like interim test (TTT) or Theory Course etc. 
  • As student driver, do you have to pick up and drop off other students? Think over, because it will cost you 20 to 30 minutes and that is quality time you can better use to drive the examination routes. 
  • Did you check your package deal? Is it complete? 
  • It is important to check if you will practice driving in the examination area, so that you will not be surprised afterwards during your EXAM with specific traffic situations.

If you choose SafeLes as your Driving School, you don’t have to worry! 
  • We are certified 
  • There are no extra costs 
  • Every lesson is based on one to one with student and instructor. 
  • During your trial lesson you will be well informed about the program and the package deal (you can choose what you would like to include in your package). You can think over and discuss with your instructor what the best options are. 
  • All lessons are practiced in the examination area.

VRB certified Driving School Amsterdam VRB approved SafeLes as Driving School.
VRB is the branch organization for Driving Schools in the Netherlands. As student driver of SafeLes you can use the services of VRB to resolve a dispute with mediation.
Driving lessons at Driving School SafeLes. You can start taking driving lessons at 16,5 years old. You have one instructor who guides you to the point of your driving test. All lessons are suited to the abilities and experience of the student, by knowing the student the instructor is able to proceed with every lesson to a next level.
We find it important that the student driver is able to learn with trust, comfort and stress free. Instructor will guide the student driver with patience and clear focus to the driving test. Progression and improvement will be noted in a structured report. You can always ask to look through the report. You can directly see what your strengths are and what needs more attention.
We pick up at home or agreed location and drop you off at home or agreed location. We advice the student driver to succeed Theory Test as soon as possible. This way your knowledge can help you do well at your driving lessons and you will probably shorten your driving course.
During driving lessons, if suitable, we use animation and other technological instruction guides to complete the knowledge about traffic situations. By using these tools, we experience that our student drivers quickly pick up the information. Subsequently this leads to efficient learning, and less lessons Driving lessons are always given in the newest model lesson cars.
Our qualified instructors approaches the driving course personal, efficient and with focus. Would you like to be trained by a female instructor? We can arrange that for you! It happens that female student drivers are not at ease with male instructors. To help these students to learn driving with comfort, they also can choose for a female instructor.

Driving Lessons

  • Do you prefer to take lessons at weekdays? No problem! 
  • Once in a while in the evening? No problem! 
  • In the weekend? No problem! 
  • Only in the evening? That is possible, but try to schedule during day is preferable.

Practical Exam

You will need the following to do the driving test:
  • Valid Theory Certification 
  • Letter of CBR - ID
  • Health Declaration (you can ask your instructor) 
Self-reflection Form (you can ask your instructor)
You will have a one hour driving lesson with the instructor to warm up before the exam. After your exam the instructor will drop you off at the meeting point.
The driving test takes +/- 50 minutes.


Quality for best price shouldn’t be a problem!

Qualified driving course and VRB Certification to help you with disputes. One instructor one student policy.
Driving school SafeLes guides the students to the required level to pass the exam with our calm, careful and patient instructors in Amsterdam. Every progression and improvement will be noted in a structured report.
You are in charge of your package deal and we promise you that you will not be surprised with hidden charges.
BEST PACKAGE DEALS! Our mission is to provide best quality driving lessons in Amsterdam.

Rijles in het Engels, Turks of Arabisch?

Lekker makkelijk: lessen in jouw voorkeurstaal!

Wil jij liever autorijlessen volgen in het Turks, Engels of Arabisch? Onze instructeurs helpen je graag! Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is bij je aanmelding aan te geven in welke van bovenstaande talen je rijles wil krijgen.

Makkelijk toch?


rijschool safeles amsterdam Rijschool SafeLes Tel.: 020 - 786 07 78 E-mail: Antispam

Eduard Vetermanstraat 2 1064 BS Amsterdam

IBAN: NL48INGB0007742763 Rijschoolnummer CBR: 1150Z4

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